Comics dreaming

Last night I dreamed in comics. I’ve been reading a lot of Portland artist and zinester Clutch McBastard‘s collected works lately, and for weeks now it’s usually what I flip through just before I go to sleep. So I suppose it was only a matter of time before I started working the comics into myContinue reading “Comics dreaming”

New fiction from Riley Michael Parker

So, Portland author and generally cool guy (you should see the reception this dude gets at readings) Riley Michael Parker has released his novel, A Plague of Wolves and Women. And seriously, that should be all you need to rush out and buy the book, because with a title like that, how could you goContinue reading “New fiction from Riley Michael Parker”

A lot of literary news

Between my new job reading for Jersey Devil Press, my recent publication in the awesome pitch issue of Sententia, and my¬†wading into the deep, cool waters of the Portland literary scene, my authorial connections have grown exponentially in the past month or so. Which is awesome. But it also means that I know more coolContinue reading “A lot of literary news”

A word about the delays in posts lately

Hello, gang. Chances are, if you’re one of the dozen people who subscribe to this blog, you might have noticed that some of the posts these past few weeks have been pretty long delayed in turning up online or in your RSS reader. That’s not WordPress’s fault. See, I’ve been on the road, driving fromContinue reading “A word about the delays in posts lately”