I’m not very bendy, but apparently I’m Versatile

Zephyr at Presents of Mind paid me the wonderful compliment today of nominating this site for a Versatile Blogger Award! Thanks, Zephyr! You are, without a doubt, the bee’s knees. Sure, I know the “award” is sometimes considered a kind of meme or chain letter (or worse, just a way to pad the stats withContinue reading “I’m not very bendy, but apparently I’m Versatile”

The future is now

Ladies and gentlemen: behold the new website. There are still a few bits and bobs I plan to add in the coming weeks, like a couple more photo galleries, but say hello to the new and (I hope) improved website. Check out the new interactive photo menu on the main page, the new photos page,Continue reading “The future is now”

It’s the end of the blog as we know it: the Great Website Revamp of 2012

I swear this isn’t going to be an annual thing, at least not that I’m planning for. But since the anniversary of this site is here, I’m going ahead and redesigning the site again. I’ve added so much content over the last year — loads of links, the NaNoWriMo page, photos galore — that IContinue reading “It’s the end of the blog as we know it: the Great Website Revamp of 2012”

On self-publishing (no, it’s not as rosy as you think it is)

I’m going to keep this simple, gang: Go read Catherynne M. Valente‘s blog post “The End of the World as We Know It (and I Feel Fine).” Go read it Right. Now. Because it is the best evaluation of self-publishing and e-publishing and traditional publishing and the future of books and everything else we allContinue reading “On self-publishing (no, it’s not as rosy as you think it is)”

A new milestone for a new website!

Ladies and gentleman, as of about 6:45 pm Pacific Time, I have topped 20,000 hits on this website. This is fantastic! And well-timed, because this coming week, I will be unveiling a wholly revamped website. Most of the main pages will remain, so the menues will function as usual, but I’ll be adding a fewContinue reading “A new milestone for a new website!”

Speaking truth to agents

So, a few days ago over at one of my favorite blogs, Literary Rejections on Display, there was a hell of a conversation going about literary agents and how we writers should approach them. Not in the “please publish my novel” way, pitching your work and begging for acceptance; we’re talking about talking back toContinue reading “Speaking truth to agents”

Can Creative Writing Be Taught? (via Life and Art)

I tend to avoid re-posting articles like this one because this topic has sort of been done to death. Or so I thought. But actually, there’s a really interesting conversation developing on this post, and I recommend you check it out. Catching up on some reading yesterday, I came across an interesting item published inContinue reading “Can Creative Writing Be Taught? (via Life and Art)”

A word about the delays in posts lately

Hello, gang. Chances are, if you’re one of the dozen people who subscribe to this blog, you might have noticed that some of the posts these past few weeks have been pretty long delayed in turning up online or in your RSS reader. That’s not WordPress’s fault. See, I’ve been on the road, driving fromContinue reading “A word about the delays in posts lately”

Rima the Arab Girl

Maybe you like personal narratives and insightful, meaningful memoirs. Or maybe you like political editorials. Or maybe you’re just a concerned citizen of the world who wants to stay informed but is sick of the same old news cycle, the same cold, indifferent data used to sell advertising. Maybe you just love really, really goodContinue reading “Rima the Arab Girl”